Leap Into Your Purpose

  There's always this lingering voice in my head whispering, "You know you're suppose to be doing this". I think about it, then I muffle the voice. Have you ever been told to do something and felt the world aligned against it? Circumstances happen and before you know it your purpose was muffled down deep and you keep wandering around trying to find something that makes sense. Here's my advice: Honey, just go! Take the leap of faith.

Sometimes you have to take action out of the simple fact that God says go. Take the leap, even when you don't have a big audience or your own personal cheering section. You have to move even when it's really hard. You move, because the only race worth winning is the one with Jesus. It doesn't matter if one person shows up or twenty. The likes don't matter and neither do the followers.

What matters is you worked unto the Lord (Colossians 3:23-24). I pick up my pen and say, Okay God, you win. Here's to my intimate space, writing to Jesus for myself and to those He chooses to bring along.

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