Victim or Victor?

An attitude is a way of thinking or feeling about someone or something, typically one that is displayed in behavior (Oxford Dictionary). 

As I sat in my car I heard the words, "Your Attitude is a choice"! Rather I wanted to accept it or not, I understood that I was in control of my mindset and how I displayed what I was feeling. You are in control as well! 

Our attitude starts in the mind before it is even displayed to anyone. I have the opportunity to renew my mind first (Ephesians 4:23) and get myself together before I accept the trap that will cause me to spiral out of emotion. It is up to me to recognize the trap and remember that I have authority. 

He hurt you, so what. Why choose to stay there? You can choose to be the victim or the victor. It doesn't matter what happened, who did it, what was said, or your ability to understand it all. Here's some words of wisdom from my papa, "It's not what people do, it's what you do that makes the difference". 

I won't allow anything negative to dictate my mindset and take control of my emotions. I won't allow anything to root that will interfere with my Spirit, that will ultimately interfere with what God has for me. It's not my job to give payback. In case you didn't know it's not your job to wish that God will get them back for you either, even if He says vengeance is mine! 

My pastor said, "Some people are putting things ahead of saving souls" (NCNC). I was putting my feelings over saving a soul. Did I deserve what happened? Nope! Was I justified? Naturally so, yes I was BUT none of that matters. I have to press pass the clutter and see the bigger picture. I have to recognize that the enemy is setting up traps to get my mind under control, so that he could use it for his benefit



I recognize the pain I felt but I realize my assignment is much bigger than my flesh. I recognize my need to push beyond my lowness. I don't have to stay there, because I am victorious. You take what is meant for evil and turn it into good. You know every fiber of my being. You know me, I am not a stranger so I know you will heal all wounds and that you will take care of me. No matter the trap it will not work. It will not plant. Every negative thought I refute in Jesus name. Every memory that would try to hold me hostage I declare freedom from. Every offense that will try to come in, I shut the door. I am not a victim! I am victorious. 


Pushing Beyond That Which Was Trying To Hold Me