Change Is Good

Last month I encountered this dragonfly. It was just chilling on my windshield wiper and I kind of assumed it would leave once I started driving, but it didn't. This dragonfly held on for its life. At every turn and every stop the dragonfly adjusted.

I started staring at this dragonfly and I thought to myself:

Lord this is me! The storms are coming and the wind is coming trying to knock me off my square, but I am holding on for my life!

Change Is Good.png

I realized that God was trying to send me a message through a dragonfly. He showed me that not only did He see me, but there was a purpose in me riding out the storm. Dragonflies symbolize change and maturity (Learn About Nature). God wanted me to see that I needed to continue to ride out the storms, so that my surroundings can change and He could mature some things.

This morning I am reminded that change is good. I recall the feelings I had due to change when I was pregnant with my daughter. My body had to shift and adjust to a new normal. I now had to carry new weight, not just physically but mentally and spiritually as well. Physically I felt the pains and aches as my baby started to mature and rotate downward. My hips and my back became achy from the new weight I was carrying. Mentally I was a hot mess because my baby gave me 24/7 morning sickness. My body was changing and effecting me mentally as well causing me to seek God more on my own behalf as well as this new baby. Pregnancy can be hard but out of change you get maturity. You get a blessing beyond what you ever could of imagined.

God reminds me that to receive a mature gift I have to go through. I am changing and it's hard but all I have to do is stay in tuned naturally and spiritually. In the natural I will be aware of the change and it might effect me mentally, but as long as I seek him diligently the pain won't last forever. It will be restored and you will come out of this alive and well. I am reminded of Psalms 23 (The Lord Is My Shepherd). David is speaking on his experience and he's saying how he went through some stuff, but the Lord is always faithful. He experienced the valley of the shadow of death and he made it out knowing he doesn't have to be fearful. Don't be afraid of the change!

We have to remember to boldly go before the throne of the Lord and make our petitions known, so that the Lord can go before our battles and get victory! Hang in there! Change is good!

The Lord Is My Shepherd - Psalms 23

The Lord Is My Shepherd - Psalms 23