The Storm is Coming

It’s late at night and I have to get up really early, but here I am writing because I’m being called to this intimate space. Today the word wreck kept coming to me and I wasn’t sure why at first. I felt fine, things are great. I’m cool, calm, and why was the word wreck pressed into my mind? In August I got into a bad car accident. It was one of the hardest things mentally to get through. Something I didn’t want to talk about with anyone. Matter of fact unless we talk on the regular you probably don’t even know. I didn’t want to talk about it and I just pushed through to recovery mentally so. Physically I had some scrapes and bruises. My hand got messed up and still bothers me on occasion, but it was the mental trial that was the hardest.


I remember sitting in my new car, after I mentally came back and was dealing with things better, and the lord gave me a vision saying you were wrecked but not destroyed you were created. I was mixed with emotions because I’m thankful that I got through but I didn’t want to go through that. Yet, here was the Lord saying there was purpose in that.

When I looked up the word wrecked this stood out:

Remaining above water after a shipwreck.

Do you know how deep that is! I was basically told you survived. I held you up. What was designed for complete destruction made you come out alive and even stronger!

Wrecked But Not Destroyed.png

Today when I kept hearing the word wreck I was drawn back to one of my old journal writings on being wrecked not destroyed:

When a storm starts to brew you begin to see it. The clouds begin to shift. You can even smell that the rain is about to come. You don't really start worrying abut the storm until your vision gets dark. You might say, "Oh this storm is going to be bad". You take off and start preparing for this storm and no matter how much you tried to prepare it seems like this storm was designed for destruction. You saw the storm brewing and you were preparing..but it still took you by surprise. Oh God save me! What did I do? Why didn't you tell me the storm was going to be this bad! Honey, Some storms are meant to shake you up, so you can be aligned again. Some storms are created to destroy you naturally so you can be created or shifted spiritually.
If you get nothing from that I just want you to know that the storm is coming, but you will survive and there’s a purpose for the season!

It’s scary to feel wrecked naturally and spiritually so. You feel out of control, completely vulnerable, and forced to go with the flow. You can’t see or comprehend everything that’s going on, you just know you have to get through it. You get tired, yet there’s this thing inside of us that says keep going, don’t stay there, don’t focus on that, push! Baby you have to push!

As scary as a storm may seem know this Jesus commands the waters & a child of His will survive! The storm ahead is necessary for your shifting. 😘😘