10 Ways To Push Yourself

Yesterday, I survived on 4 hours of sleep..*moment of silence please*. I had to balance two under two, while getting this long list of to dos out of the way. Saying I was tired would be an understatement. It was one of those days where you have to keep saying, “I can do all things through Christ”. Needless to say, sometimes our energy levels and our to do lists don’t line up. Especially, around the holidays when you have all these loaded tasks that need to be done. A lot of the times, we are completely overworked and tired, but we have things that need to get done. If you can relate to being on the edge of burn out and wanting to sit in a corner while rocking back and forth, keep reading. Here’s 10 ways to push yourself!


Morning Routine

It is so important to establish a morning routine, because how you start the race is how you will finish. I recall those moments when I wake up and discover I woke up late. I start shuffling around the house like a mad woman trying to get my life together. Normally, when I rush I forget things at home and I will burn out of energy faster. That’s because I started my day off wrong! We need to all start off slow to wake ourselves up and get our minds ready for the day. Some of us don’t even eat breakfast, because we’re moving so fast. Another thing that effects your morning routine is your attitude. I know i’m not the only one that had a disagreement before bed and went to bed completely over it. The next morning you might not even remember all the details, but you still mad. Now your mind is completely messed up because you let the sun go down before letting your anger go. Make sure your attitude is right before bed and establish a morning routine to help keep your energy and get more done.

Write It Down

In school they always told you to write things down. Why? If you write it down you’re more likely to remember and strive for the goal. If you’re trying to push yourself write it down and plan out your day.

Reward Yourself

If you’re working super hard on little energy the best thing you can do is to reward yourself, that way you have something to look forward to. I am not saying reward yourself with materialistic stuff. For all my mamas out there it could be as simple as getting an hour by yourself or enjoying a shower without a kid banging on the bathroom door. Make it small, but something to look forward to that would give you some relief and relaxation.

Meditate On A Scripture

For those moments where you get no break whatsoever and you just really want to crawl in bed, meditate on a scripture. Scripture will help encourage you when you have absolutely nothing left. Find a scripture, hold onto it, and have faith that you will conquer the day!

Shift Your Mindset

Even Jesus.png

The mind has a huge impact on how you feel. If you can shift your mindset you can pull yourself out of the pity party or slump you’re in. I am not saying it will be easy by any means, but it will give you you’re peace and wasted energy back. Always look for the silver lining instead of focusing on the negative. 

Take Time To Yourself

One of my favorite quotes is you can’t pour out on empty. There’s a reason why even Jesus took time to get by Himself and pray. We all need to get filled back up and regroup. You’ll get more done taking a break for yourself than to chug along slowly. It sounds counterproductive, but breaks can help you get more done.


Along with taking time for yourself you need rest! As much as we would like to think that we are super humans we are not. If you don’t get rest not only will you burn out, but it will effect your health as well. There are so many times I just kept going and going and going and then BOOM I get a nasty cold. The Lord has a way of showing you that you need to sit down.


When all else fails get it off your chest. If you have to write it down, talk to a friend, or have a long talk with God go ahead and do it. I’ve learned that sometimes you just need to express it and move past the feelings involved. When you feel better you can focus.

Learn To Delegate

In order to push past your limits sometimes you need to delegate. Your abilities are limited so let somebody help you. Sometimes pretending to be super woman leaves us with so much on our plate and you know because we’re “Super” we will still get everything finished. You don’t have to take on the world! Believe in teamwork and learn to say no.

Cut Yourself Some Slack

Sometimes that list is going to carry on a little longer than planned. Being honest some of that stuff on your list might not even get done. If you learn to cut yourself some slack you will not only accomplish more, but you will feel so much better. Stop worrying! Take it day by day and take some deep breaths. 

We all need strategies to push when we feel like we cant do anymore. We should strive to get everything done, but remember you’re not super woman. Take it easy on yourself. You might not have it, but God does!


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