Faith Nuggets From Bible Study

The Tabernacle  Teacher:  Pastor Albert "Tank" Weathers

The Tabernacle

Teacher: Pastor Albert "Tank" Weathers

A faith nugget is one of those really good quotes, scriptures, or saying that's so deep that you just have to sit there and think about all the truth and meaning behind it. This Wednesday we had an amazing bible study and I just had to share some of these faith nuggets. I will also put the youtube video for the study as well! These are my notes, so they might not be word for word. Hope you guys love it as much as I did!

  • The tabernacle is a progressive thing (Justification , Sanctification, and Glorification). As Christians we should always be progressing. If you're not then what are you doing?
  • Word and Spirit both have to be in the room at the same time. Shouldn't speak without the Spirit and shouldn't muffle the Spirit inside of you either.
  • The degree you're willing to die is the degree of the presence of God you will experience (must die daily!)
  • Have faith THEN you will see God manifest.
  • We worship out of faith not feelings or sight.
  • You see Him in the Spirit first, then your flesh (body) starts to react to His presence. If you're not reacting you must not have His Spirit activated within you.
  • If your sin is not atoned you are not covered in blood. You have to be covered in blood in the last days in order for the wrath to passover.
  • Stop trying to work on stopping the effect & fight the cause. Destroy the roots & then the effects will stop for good.
  • By the time you allow people to get in your Spirit you will be frustrated and miss out like Moses did.
  • You quote the scripture, but don't actually know it for yourself. Have to know to believe what you're quoting.
  • Are you on speaking terms with God? You can't go boldly to the throne if you're not on speaking terms. You can't just come in someone's house without being on speaking terms. They will call the police.
  • When you have an idol it must die in the presence of the Lord1


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