Faith Nuggets From Christmas

Faith Nuggets From Christmas.png

This year Christmas brought a whole new perspective for me. This was the first year my daughter was actively involved in celebrating Christmas. She was extremely excited about the idea of Christmas and helping set up the tree. Her favorite part was waking up Christmas morning and ripping the wrapping paper off of the gifts. You know how you can give a kid a present and they would rather play with the box it came in? Well, my dearest daughter would've loved to have a roll of wrapping paper! She was extremely disappointed after Christmas day when I had to explain that there was no more gifts to rip open. One of the best things I have learned is that my daughter's perspective is innocent and pure.

My daughter doesn't see things the way that I see them. This Christmas I struggled with my own perspective of seeing this child with a visual disability having a hard time playing with some of her toys. In my eyes she couldn't understand or see things clearly because the toy was a little visually busy, but my little innocent child was completely amazed and blown away from her toys. She was fine with hitting random keys. She was just having fun. It was me that needed to shift my perspective. Through her eyes, her eyes were not failing her they were allowing her to see something different and she was completely okay with learning in that moment. 

Observing my daughter on Christmas was the biggest faith test. My eyes don't see everything I prayed for, but my prayers are definitely being answered. What started as this almost 9 lb baby just crying and not even looking me in the eyes or knowing how to use her eyes, now has vision. I have to learn to shift my gaze like my daughter. My natural eyes might attempt to fail me because I don't see the full results, but I have to just be open to learn in the moment. I think of how many times I allowed my natural vision to cripple my ability to learn in the season I am in. 

It was all of the learning in developmental therapy sessions with Maddie that produced some really good fruit. It took awhile to see the results from therapy, but having faith and being open to learn in that season is what made a difference. Even when you feel like you've been dealt a difficult hand Jesus is still right there holding your hand and giving you a reminder that there's purpose in this. I'm learning how to deal with this season as I go through it, but I know one thing for sure that I am beyond grateful for Jesus. It wasn't the presents that made me whole or comforted me when I felt completely alone. I am so thankful for Jesus being born! He is definitely the reason for the season and the next seasons after that.