Word of the Year

Word of 2018

Today, I want to share my word for 2018. A word of the year is your long list of resolutions put into one word. One word that embodies what you want your year to look like, feel like, and be about. It's like your little accountability partner, because all you have to remember is this one single word to check if you're staying on the path you wanted to be on for the year. My word for 2018 is intentional.

In 2017 I felt like I was running a marathon. I got a lot of fruitful things out of it and there was a lot of growth spiritually and mentally so, BUT as I got to the end of the year I realized some things. Running a marathon is extremely tiring! I could only focus on certain things throughout the year, which allowed some things to slip through the cracks. Those small details and cracks is what will make the whole building come crumbling down, so this year I want to make sure I am intentional.

I am creating a word web for myself to remind myself on the major things I want to be intentional about this year. The major things I want to be intentional about are my Faith, Time, Giving, Finances, and Being a Home Maker.


I want to be intentional about growing in Faith and what I am having Faith in. I want to study more. I used to study all day, but that doesn't really fit my life anymore. I would just like to be intentional on choosing a time or day to just study. When it comes to having faith in something to happen I need  to really learn to stand and stick with it. I am smart, a striver for perfection, and very realistic, which can really have an effect on my faith if I don't deny that natural part of myself. I can literally come up with a not God given solution in seconds, make a plan, and talk myself out of having crazy type faith because naturally that doesn't make sense. Wisdom is a strength, but it's also something I have to watch when it comes to making decisions based on God's vision for my life.

2017 I really focused on not making things happen and fixing things for myself. Instead I really trusted God to get me through some situations when normally I would've ran away from the issue, or got me a job, or did whatever is I thought I had to do. I learned how to sit in some stuff, but honestly sometimes I just got a little laid-back on some things, instead of keeping it on my prayer list..just being honest. 2018 I want to be intentional about what I am having faith in or believing God for, so I can pray without ceasing and so I can get more breakthroughs, because I know the Lord is able.

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.
— Hebrews 11:1


As a wife and mom to a two year old, my free time is precious. Last year I found myself doing so much busy work instead of doing those things that would really help propel me forward. I want to sacrifice my time to launch deeper and do God's will not empty tasks. This year I want to really focus on productivity and watching what I say yes to.


I love to give to people. This year I want to be intentional about giving. Rather its volunteering at a homeless shelter or creating an event to give back. I really want to push myself in that area this year and just focus on the people that are really in need rather it's in love, money, a teacher, or a listener.

And the King shall answer and say unto them, verily I say unto you, inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.
— Jesus Christ (Matthew 25:40)


I have some really big goals financially, but also the basics of just making sure I'm being a good steward of the money given to me and making sure I'm making good decisions now so my daughter can do the things she wants to in the future. I can't expect God to bless me to open a youth center and all these big things when I'm not even using what I have correctly, so I want to really work on that, so there's no hinderances in what I'm praying for in this season.

Being A Home Maker

I spend a lot of time at home, so I want to be more intentional on setting the atmosphere for my home and keeping it maintained in the way I see fit. One of my goals is learning how to meal prep! i think meal prepping is great for eating healthier and saving money. I also want to get back to stock piling! Keeping your house in order is important marriage wise, but also ministry. My marriage and home is my first ministry. If I want things to be fruitful in my other ministries I have to start with my own house.

All in all this year I want to be intentional so that I can really go where God wants me to and I can experience fruitfulness in the things that matter to God. In order to help myself I created a printable Bill Tracker, Calendar, Daily Planner, and Meal Prep Planner. Im sharing it with whoever wants it just click this link: New Year Tools

My prayer for this year is that 2018 will be His year, not mine. I pray that everyone seeks God for direction for this year and that everyone will experience God's love and blessings!