Gracefully Broken

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Imagine your doctor coming up to you saying, "I need to re-break your bones". What do you think would pop into your head? Would you be willing to sacrifice in order to heal properly? A lot of us wouldn't want to make that sacrifice, but you need to be broken in order to be restored. When you break a bone and it doesn't heal correctly a doctor has to come in and re-break your bone, so it can heal. Our doctor is Jesus Christ.

When we were created, we were made whole in His image. When sin entered into the world we were no longer whole. The relationship we had with God was tainted because of sin and we needed to be restored. God performed surgery on the world by getting rid of some things through the flood. The world was washed with water and restored, but it did not last because of our insides. We didn't heal correctly, so sacrifices had to be made for our healing, for our brokenness. 

The most important sacrifice is Jesus Christ. Jesus had to say yes to being broken when he was already perfect. He didn't need to be broken for His sake, but He chose to sacrifice for our sake. He had to be gracefully broken during His time on the Earth. He had to be humble and be broken so that he could rise on the third day and heal the land. Out of brokenness we get the opportunity to be perfected.

Some people may believe that the sacrifice is over, but the truth is that we have to die daily (Luke 9:23). We have to put ourselves on that altar and die daily. Be washed by His blood daily!

I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service.
— Romans 12:1

I have to be honest that saying yes to being broken, being a sacrifice is hard. If a doctor told me that I had to be re-broken I would be hesitant. I would try to find another way out. I might even say no and just take the pain. In the natural when you get re-broken of course it's painful , but then they give you really good pain medicine and as long as you stay with it you'll have peace. In the spirit, when we get re-broken it hurts too. You might even ugly cry, but then comes peace that surpasses all understanding. After you get re-broken you are made whole and begin to heal. You feel better than you did before. When you’re gracefully broken the pain won't last forever. Learn to move from faith to faith instead of getting off the altar.

Ask yourself, Do you know what your broken pieces are? What needs to be given on the altar? What's hindering you from being restored completely? What's taking your strength away? What's taking your peace? You can only heal and grow correctly when you say yes to being re-broken. It won't feel good but it's necessary in order to move and function.

But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.
— Matthew 6:33

Our God is holy, holy, holy. We must be acceptable unto God. We must be willing to serve Him wholeheartedly and really sacrifice. Sacrifice our ways, our time, our vision, our goals, our wants, our needs. Search deep and discover what you need to give to God.

Being Broken Is The Opportunity To Be Perfected