Girl Talk: Pray Before You Speak

It has been a crazy two weeks! I am just now mellowing it out and getting myself together. I am normally a tea drinking, lover of peace, and super chill, so when things get chaotic I really have to challenge myself to stand still and deal. I didn't tap out definitely stayed in the ring, but I noticed that I was more rough than usual and tired. Think of a girl during her time of the month who's just irritable for no reason and can't even get chocolate or ice cream. 


I couldn't help but laugh when I asked my hubs if he was okay with me going to this bible study class on refusing to sink, because I needed to regroup. He shook his head up and down and said yes so fast, like yes babe you go do whatever it takes to get your life. Needless to say, y'all I don't think I was handling things very well 😂. I went to this class at 9am and it was really reflective. Even confirmed some things that I was being shown. I walked out of the class convinced that I got it. I wrote down all the things that had definitely been sinking and vowed to myself that I refuse to sink. I saw the bait trap and I wasn't taking it.


Have y'all ever been super confident and convinced yourself that you got this. You decide to put on a pair of high heels, because I mean go hard or go home right?! As you're strutting in these high heels it happens..all of a sudden you trip over air, like absolutely nothing, and almost break a whole ankle.


Well let me tell you  by the evening I had got tripped up so fast and I didn't even catch it until after everything had happened. I blew something out of proportion, still feel the way I do, but if I would've prayed before I would've kept some things from sinking and it wouldn't have blown up at all. Basically, with egg on my face I looked up at my ceiling and was like okay Lord explain what's going on because I missed it, thought I had it but clearly I am a mess. Then I got pray before you speak 😔.

I started getting all these flashbacks of my errors. Times where I should've prayed and acted, but I totally didn't..just being real. 9 times out of 10 I got into my feelings and said something I shouldn't have or I got in my feelings and didn't say anything at all when the Lord wanted me to handle it. The struggle is real! It's hard to deal with flesh, emotions and people. But if we pray before reacting, before speaking, before doing then we would operate in the Spirit a lot more. Then we wouldn't be tripping over air, because it surprised us. I noticed that I was catching things after the fact. If we stay in tune, we would've known in advance.  Pray first, be mindful of your movements, because the devil will try to trip you up!