Getting Back On Track Spiritually

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At some point you’ll wake up in your life and realize you accepted way more than you should have. You will realize who you are and whose you are. You will no longer settle for mediocre. You will no longer minimize the power given to you, but you’ll just walk into your calling. You’ll shift into realizing that the Lord blew life into you and you’re on His mission.

How Do You Get Off Track Spiritually

You will find yourself getting off track spiritually when you don't have boundaries or you don't follow them. In this life we need boundaries. We need to have a set of standards for every area in our life. In other words we need a vision.  A vision gives us an idea of the end result. If we don’t have a vision we don’t have any standards to align with the decisions that we are making. Without standards we accept things we shouldn’t and we do things we shouldn’t be doing. This ultimately causes us to get off track spiritually.

It’s not rude to say no to things that don't line up. It’s not rude to stay away from people who interfere with your inner peace and joy . It’s not rude to stay aligned with the journey God has you on! We all need people on our team that understand our mission and will push us towards our mission. Not everyone will be able to understand your walk. Still love them, but ultimately guard your heart. Any time you allow things in your life that go against the vision God has for you and the essence of your being it causes conflict. It’s going to irritate you, because you will constantly be pulled off course. 

How To Get Back On Track Spiritually

Deal with self. Admit that you got off track spiritually. Admit your patterns. You might be a procrastinator. You might’ve been people pleasing. You might have lacked discipline. You might have got distracted and lost your vision. Whatever it is confront it and shift.  Align yourself again with the vision God has for you.


Scriptures To Meditate On:

 “And the Lord answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it.”

‭‭Habakkuk‬ ‭2:2‬ ‭KJV‬‬

 “For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.”

‭‭Jeremiah‬ ‭29:11‬ ‭KJV‬‬