Women of Faith Series: Hannah's Power To Pray

Hey love! i’m so excited to introduce our next series, Women of Faith! We just finished talking about the wilderness and how your mindset is everything when it comes to conquering your wilderness or hard times. Now we’re talking about faith! When it comes to trusting the process faith is one of the things that we need.

Now Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

- Hebrews 11:1

When you have faith you are hoping for something. Through your faith you create an act or work that produces the thing you had faith in. That’s why the scripture says faith without works is dead. Faith should always be followed by an action to produce the fruit of your faith. In the women of faith series, we will talk about Hannah, Esther, and Ruth’s faith combined with actions that produced the fruit of their faith. Here we go!

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Women of Faith Series (Part 1):

Hannah’s Power To Pray

Hannah’s story starts off in 1 Samuel 1:1. We learn that Hannah is married to her husband, Elkanah who has 2 wives (Hannah and Peninnah). Peninnah has children, sons and daughter. Hannah however has none. 1 Samuel 1:4 says that the Lord has closed her womb. At her current state she is unable to have any kids. In that same verse we also learn that although she can’t have kids, her husband favors her over Peninnah. It says that he gives Hannah double portions. We could look at that and think that’s a blessing that despite her hardship, she’s favored. As the story continues we find out that the other wife is provoking Hannah severely, to make her miserable about her current state. In fact, she was provoked for years. Can you imagine being in a state desiring something for years, but no matter what you did you couldn’t change your situation? It was literally up to God, because He shut her womb! God will have you in a certain state and you’ll find people provoking you, discouraging you, and making you miserable.

One of my favorite parts is 1 Samuel 1:8. Her husband asks her why are you crying? Why are you not eating? Why is your heart grieved? Am I not better to you than 10 sons. This is my favorite, because there are so many times that people just won’t get how you feel and why it’s bothering you to the degree that it is. Your burden is not necessarily someone else’s. Her husband probably meant his words in the greatest way too! He was probably trying to cheer her up, but he did not get it. He didn’t understand why this situation was effecting her so much. It wasn’t a big deal to them, but to her it was a big deal! It mattered!

Can you relate to people not really understanding your burden or what you’re going through? I have been there a lot of times, because I feel a lot of things deeply. In the natural I would say I am an empath. Spiritually it would be a part of discernment. I am super sensitive to people’s emotions. Because I feel deeply, a lot of the times people are wondering why is this bothering her so much. They just don’t really understand. In this situation Hannah is in the boat of people not understanding her burden. It says she was bitterness of soul, so she is really weighed down and sorrowful about this situation. It says that she prayed to the Lord and wept in anguish. She talked to the Lord in her bitterness. Isn’t that beautiful?! She’s bitter and tired of her situation, but she knows where to go with her burden and she’s not concerned about talking to her father while she is bitter. That’s how it should be!

2 Examples Of What Not To Do In Bitterness

In the bible there are multiple examples about people who face tough situations or trials and become bitter. Hannah displays the correct way to handle your bitterness. You pray and give it to the Lord, but here’s 2 bad examples:

  1. Job was bitter, so he cursed the day he was born (sinned against God)

  2. Esau was bitter when he learned Jacob stole his birthright, so he plotted to kill Jacob (although God did not allow it be seen through)

How many of us handle our burdens in the wrong way? Hannah was provoked, so she had every right to be mad. Hannah had been praying and going through for years, so she had every right to be frustrated BUT what was she supposed to do with how she was feeling? We are called to pray and give it to the Lord. I remember sitting in the car and a thought popped in my head that someone had spoke. I literally had to tell myself no don’t even think about that because you prayed about it and every time you talk with your father you are made new and your spirit is renewed. It’s sad that people will provoke you, frustrate you, and make you miserable but stop taking it! I have got to a place where I am shutting the door on words that are not for me. You can’t provoke me, if I refuse to be provoked. You can’t frustrate me, if I just set up boundaries and start making a list of things to pray about. Hannah got tired of being provoked and in her situation, so she prayed it out and got up.

How Hannah Prayed

Hannah had faith in God’s ability to open her womb, so she took the action of praying. She prays and makes a vow that if she gets a male son she will give him back to the Lord and no razor shall come upon his head. As she is praying in the temple Elijah ends up misjudging her for being drunk. In 1 Samuel 1:15 she explains that she wasn’t drunk. She was pouring out her soul to the Lord. After saying this Elijah spoke into her life that she would find favor. The most important part to me after praying was vs 18.

And she said, “Let your maidservant find favor in your sight.” So the woman went her way and ate, and her face was no longer sad.

1 Samuel 1:18

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That verse is so good! If you have faith in something and you put the work in, you have to believe it’s done! She went her way, ate, and her face was no longer sad. Pray, move on, eat, and be joyful because it is done! In verse 19 it says that the Lord remembers her and she ends up conceiving and then birthing a son named Samuel. She then keeps her vow to the Lord and gives him back to the Lord. Samuel ministered before the Lord, even as a child (1 Samuel 2:18). Because she kept her vow to the Lord she was blessed with 3 more sons and 2 daughters! Samuel was established as the prophet of the Lord. So good right!

Hannah was a woman of faith that took action by giving her burdens of her heart to the Lord. This action of praying and believing in God for what she prayed, allowed her faith to produce fruit. A lot of the times when we’re provoked, hurt, misunderstood, and feel broken we get upset. We get angry. We take the job and Esau route, but instead let’s just pray it out and move on, because we know that God is faithful! Even if we stay in our situations, He is faithful to see us, so we don’t have to worry or even care about other people’s actions. We can just keep moving on!

I am going to close this blog with an affirmation based on this study. Say it out loud and believe in what you say, so that you can be blessed within your faith.

Woman of Faith Affirmation

I am a woman of faith.

I know who God is and I know whose I am.

When faced with challenges and difficulties I will take it to the Lord.

When people provoke me and do not understand me I will take it to the Lord.

After taking it to the Lord I will go my way, eat, and a smile will be on my face.

I conceive what I pray and all of my prayers will be birthed.


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