Accept Who You Are


Hey love! Have you ever been guilty of taking people’s opinions to heart? How about weighing yourself down by expectations...even your own? I don’t know about you, but I totally have! Let me just say you don’t have to try so hard! You don’t have to live up to the expectations. You don’t have to take their words to heart. You just have to be. You just have to walk in His grace. Not pretending, not holding it all together, but just being authentic. Be you!

While at work this song came on called Try by Colbie Caillat. The song talks about this woman giving herself away to please the crowd. She’s maxing out credit cards, being promiscuous, and everything else BUT Colbie Caillat tells her she doesn’t have to try so hard. You don’t have to give it all away. You don’t either! No, you might not be giving your body away but a lot of us are giving who God has created us to be away. A lot of us are giving our peace and freedom away.

Instead of sticking to our “weirdness”, our quirks, we allow people to convince us that we should be like them. Instead of being free we allow ourselves to be entangled by expectations and opinions. I’ve been convinced by others that nope I wasn’t happy.  I should go shopping, do my nails, and get my hair done. I shouldn’t talk about Jesus all the time. I tried the nails, the hair, and conforming..guess what? It left me dirty, disgusted, disappointed, and hurt. It also left me finding myself again. We can only try for so long, without breaking down.

God doesn’t want you to try, He wants you to be. Be you! In every area of your life be you and walk in His grace. When I was thinking about the song and how God has shaped me back to His original form, I thought about how God introduced Himself. I am, that I am. He didn’t have any confusion about who He was and His capabilities. He doesn’t care about what people think or what they’ve said about Him. He fully encompassed His identity and so should you love!

You are everything that God says you are! You are chosen and called! You’re not weird, you’re set apart and purposefully made! You are a child of a king, so you walk in grace, freedom, and peace. You are who you are! There’s no changing that, so walk in who God has called you to be. Walk in your strengths and your weaknesses. God knows everything about you and He doesn’t expect anything from you but for you to have faith in Him! How freeing is that?! 

You are loved! 😘