8 Ways To Find Grace & Love

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Hey love! Today’s blog is about finding Grace and love in the midst of the storm. If you’ve ever been in a position where you have felt broken and stuck in a situation this is for you! I’ve been in a really tough spot lately where I felt all hell was breaking loose, but I had to stand still and wait on God to rescue me. It’s one of the seasons where I knew God had to come through because if He didn’t I would’ve been done. There’s one thing to say the Lord is my strength and there’s another to know what it feels like to have the Lord as your only motivation to get up and not quit. In the midst of being broken and stuck I found grace and love. 

God allowed me to find grace in my hell storm. In the moments where I knew I had to make change, He gave me the grace to do it. Grace allowed me to dig deep to encourage myself and say it’s not over, when I felt I had no more fight left. Grace allowed me to feel comforted in isolated conditions. Grace allowed me to peek through the darkness and see hope, when all I felt like was looking at the devastation. Grace allowed me to experience joy in the midst letting go. Grace allowed me to gain peace and His understanding in the midst of chaos. Grace is what helped me get through. 

Love is what healed me. Similar to a sick child going to their parent for love and help, I went to my father in heaven. I realized my heart was broken and as a big hearted person I was concerned. No one has ever broken me, but this time He allowed me to break. Most of my prayers were tears at first and trying to get Him to answer me, because I did what He said so why in the world does it hurt so bad?!? I just laid at His feet looking at my broken pieces and I had to remind my heart that He heals wounds. I had to remind myself that you won’t be like this forever. You’ll be whole again. Give Him your pieces. I loved God more than holding unto my brokenness. I could’ve kept my pieces and my pain, but I wanted healing and wholeness.

One by one I extended my piece and told Him where this piece came from and how I felt. Not that He didn’t know already, but He knows He created me to be an explainer. I had to vent to God so He could love on every thought I had and love on my broken piece. I had to be corrected, shown my patterns, and my denial as well. Healing isn’t pretty and it sometimes hurts, but when done with love you’ll feel whole again. I had to allow God to love me and make me whole again. 

As Christians we are always going to face trials and tribulations. Some will be worse than others, but they’re all for strength training. In the midst of every storm learn to find grace and love to push through.

Here’s 8 ways to find grace and love

in the midst of your storm: 

  1. Take Your Eyes Off The Storm: There’s a reason why the Bible says to look to the Hills from which cometh your help.  Wherever we look is going to determine where we go. To get out of the storm we have to focus on God.
  2. Stand Firm On The Word:  When you’re going through, you’re mind is going to be tested. If I didn’t get grounded in the Word I would’ve convinced myself I would remain broken. I would’ve thought I was stuck forever.
  3. Vent To God: The only way you ever get healing is by being truthful. God already knows how you feel, but let it out so He can work on it. A lot of the times when we’re hurt we don’t want to talk, but crying works the same way. Don’t stay built up, pray and let go. 
  4. Forgive Yourself: I have found that I can’t give anything I don’t have for myself. I can’t forgive someone when I haven’t forgiven myself for being in the situation.  If I’m too self crictical and won’t give myself forgiveness, how can I give it to someone else? I won’t, I’ll be people crictical too because that’s all I got to offer right now. I can’t let someone else off the hook without being able to understand I need forgiveness too. When you know you need forgiveness yourself, you can freely give it.
  5. Detox: A detox helps you get rid of toxins and impurities in your body. A storm brings a lot of junk. Fast to release the junk. Be intentional by showing gratitude through the storm and afterwards. Set up boundaries based on what your learning. Ask yourself: How did this make me better? What am I changing from here?
  6. Remain Open: When we’ve been hurt a lot of the times are reaction is to close up ourselves from people, don’t close up and get hard. We have to remain open to receive what God has for us. Be led on rather or not to continue relationships and opportunities but always trust God to bring what you need.  Closing up is based on a fear. God wants you to trust Him, not be fearful of what if’s.
  7. Pray About Your Passion: When we’ve been in a serious storm we lose our passion. Sit with God and allow Him to renew your passion. Pray about your desires, the ministries you want to do, the relationships you want to have..anything in your life that needs new passion.
  8.  Pray For The Right Vision: The wrong vision will lead you astray. Make sure you’re looking through the right lenses so you can move forward better, not bitter.  

I pray this blog helps you find God’s grace and love when your going through. I pray that you feel encouraged by the fact that you’re not the only Christian experiencing really tough seasons. May you be empowered to keep going and give all your broken pieces to God. He loves you so much and wants you to be whole again!


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